Wyoming wedding- Tom & Kristiana

Soo happy to show you finally this incredible wedding in Jackson, Wyoming! 

When Kristiana first called us to explained how their destination wedding would be, we were just WOW! That seemed to be The wedding! 

I would say that this couple have really understood what life is. I could tell this from the very beginning, even when I received the first e-mail. I knew it would be a great couple in a great wedding but I didn’t know how great it would be, that exceeded my expectations by far. 

I would love to explain every detail of this wedding  because it deserves but it would take me too long. All I am going to say is that in Jackson Hole I was lucky to found a couple who love each other from the very deep and wanted to share this love with their families and friends, a wedding where not only the grooms but everyone else was natural and relaxed and it was a wedding which ended up being not only a wedding but a four days party. 

Hope you like this gorgeous wedding in Wyoming which I think is the most amazing wedding I ever shooted. :)