Isle of Skye elopement Shazia & Chris

Chris & Shazia are one of those couples who make every detail very special, one of those who really love each other above all things and we could tell that from the very beginning.

They called us almost 3 years in advance to book their big day! they were sure they wanted us to be their Isle of Skye elopement photographers so that was such a great honor.

Chris & Shazia are also British wedding photographers so obviously photography was on the top of their priorities, they cared about all details regarding photography, looking for the most breathtaking places to celebrate their Isle of Skye wedding.

So we all travelled from Newcastle to Isle of Skye for such a big day! and as you can see the landscape with those tiny mountains and the beautiful colours around created an incredible atmosphere. It was a blast!

We can tell that it was an incredible adventure for all of us. We had so much fun with these guys! We won’t ever forget how kind and nice were these guys with us.

The following day we travelled back to Newcastle to celebrate their love with the rest of the guests and family. It was our first time as a Newcastle wedding photographers and we were surprised by this live and fun city. We had the opportunity of spending a few days with Chris & Shazia shooting not only their Isle of Skye elopement but also part of their daily lives enjoying with their friends at their favourite bars and restaurants, shooting every moment of “the days of their lives” and we felt very lucky to be part of this.

Thank you guys! we wish you all the best!




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