JU & AARON (Malaysia)

Pablo and Ana are amazing people to work with. We never met them prior to the photoshoot as we are from Malaysia but I saw their work on Instagram and it’s amazing. Pablo gets to know us as a couple first and shot us based on our personalities, so the whole photoshoot was very natural. Pablo and Ana were incredibly warm and helpful as well. We did a pre wedding shoot in the Barcelona Gothic quarter where we all got to know each other and months later they shot our wedding ceremony at Palacio de Villahermosa. It was like a storybook that depicted every step of the ceremony with all sorts of emotions caught in each image. I am so thankful we got Pablo to capture our wedding, it was not only beautiful but every step of the way professionally done.

Love, Ju & Aaron.



I knew from the moment I said “yes”, that the most important thing for my wedding would be the photographer. So before searching for dresses or venues, I began what was months of research. Once I came across Pablos profile (all the way from Los Angeles), I knew that no one measured up to his standards of work.

He is able to capture moments that make you feel a certain way, allowing you to recommence a night that so quickly flies away. His vision for photography is unmatched. Capturing details that are missed by most, yet astound anyone who views his work. Having him be a part of our wedding was an absolute pleasure, I could not imagine having anyone else. Most importantly, the photos he has gifted us are something I will cherish for an entire lifetime.

Thank you forever, Elin & Scott Rhodes.


Sanam & Sebastian (Germany)

“What can I say about our photographer Pablo ... whatever I say won’t do justice to how grateful we are for having our special day captured so beautifully. I can’t lie I was a fan of Pablo from before. Every wedding photo I loved he was the photographer. There is a real authentic feeling about all the pictures while being so stunningly beautiful, you always feel the energy. Our wedding planner basically told us he is the best of the best. After all, our pictures are still above and beyond what I expected and everytime we look at them I feel the happiness and joy I felt on that day. I am writing this on our 3rd anniversary as just looking at these pictures gave me such joy that I wanted to say a huge thank you to Pablo and his lovely wife Anita who not only took these beautiful photos from our day but oh my.. we had so much fun taking them. I thought taking wedding photos would be a somewhat tedious task and we basically laughed and smiled the entire time. And now we have the most beautiful and real photos of the most special day in our life. So again a big big thank you. X“


Matthew Oliver weddings (UK)
Wedding planner Testimonie

"Pablo and Ana are just the best! They are so lovely to get to know and working with them is so easy as they have such a clear style and you just know their photos are going to be incredible, and they always are! Around couples they are very professional, but make them feel at ease and confident, getting the best out of the couple so they look and feel their very best. As a planner I know they go above and beyond to make sure our design work looks as good in the photos as it does in real life (often better!). We love them, we love their talent and we love the photos they produce!"


Paloma Cruz events (Spain)
Wedding planner Testimonie

I am going to quote something I read about Pablo Laguia: "if Pablo would shoot The Devil he would take the best of him". There is no other way of defining him, sometimes I wonder if we've been at the same wedding. He is a genius!


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